About Us

Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (FPI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Forest Laboratories, Inc. We have built a solid reputation for delivering our products to those who need them most. Our performance relies on our innovative customer service strategies, state-of-the-art technologies, and cross-disciplinary teamwork – components of our culture that we continuously develop and strengthen.

Headquartered near St. Louis, Missouri, FPI manufactures, distributes, and sells Forest-branded prescription products in the United States and Puerto Rico. Our expansive campus houses Forest’s distribution hub, which moves products from several manufacturing and packaging plants in New York, Ohio, and Missouri to physicians, patients, and caregivers across the country. FPI also supports Forest's national sales force in promoting and delivering our growing line of CNS and cardiovascular products to healthcare professionals.

FPI’s customer support team, including our Medical Information and Communication department, addresses physician and patient questions in a timely and professional manner, reinforcing patients’ confidence in our important therapeutic products.

Our Vision

Our Mission